4 Design Phases In Architecture!

4 Design Phases In Architecture!

The process of architecture design is complex and includes various phases. Among them are preliminary design, schematic design, construction documentation, and bidding. In addition, each phase requires a specific set of skills and is accompanied by a high level of risk. To make the most of your architecture project, you should seek the advice of top architecture firms in UAE before beginning the design process.

Schematic design:

The Schematic Design phase involves translating the client’s wishes into a building design concept. It involves sketches and drawings, 3D renderings, preliminary site plans, building floor plans, and elevations. It also involves the evaluation of the building’s systems, including heating and air conditioning.

Preliminary design:

Preliminary design is an important part of architectural design. It opens the discussion between the developer and the customer and ensures that both parties are on the same page. The process also allows for thorough research and analysis of key areas. The goal is to create a design that is feasible and meets the design specification.

Construction documentation:

The construction documentation phase of architectural design is one of the most important phases of a building’s construction. It involves the creation of blueprints, technical specifications, and project-related notes. These documents are essential for the construction phase because they help contractors determine their prices and obtain permit approvals. The construction documentation phase involves the architect, general contractor, and building departments.


In architecture, bidding is the process of identifying contractors who can deliver the project in a timely and cost-effective manner. After the architectural design has been finalized, it is sent out to qualified contractors who estimate the costs of labor and materials. The bidding process serves two main purposes: to identify contractors who can provide quality construction at reasonable prices and to help clients choose contractors that they feel comfortable working with.

The traditional method involves printing multiple sets of architectural drawings and distributing them to prospective bidders. In this method, the architect must keep track of each bidder’s contact information, as well as any addenda that they may require. In the modern method, the bidders are provided with a smartsheet that allows them to track and record issues on the site.

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