Basic Tailoring Terminology You Should Know When Ordering A Tailored Suit

Basic Tailoring Terminology You Should Know When Ordering A Tailored Suit 

When you’re ordering a tailored suit in Dubai, it helps to understand some of the basic terminology used in the industry. These include fabric swatches, patterns used by tailors, inseam, and collar gap. This article will explain these terms and provide examples to illustrate their differences.

Fabric swatches:

When ordering a tailored suit online, you can choose to order fabric swatches for your custom suit. These swatches are useful for exploration, identifying a style, or choosing the overall theme for your collection. After you’ve selected a fabric swatch, you can add it to your cart and check it out.

Patterns used by tailors:

Several different patterns tailors use to make a tailored suit. For instance, you can choose between a pinstripe and a check pattern. A check pattern is made up of vertical and horizontal lines that are spaced widely apart. This pattern is used to create a textured effect. A check pattern is often paired with a solid block pattern to create a more sophisticated look.


A tailored suit’s inseam measures the length of a suit’s pants. This measurement is a guideline for tailoring since pants often come unfinished. Taking this measurement correctly is an important part of tailoring a suit. To measure the inseam correctly, you should first measure your natural waistline. From there, you can measure how far you would like your pants to extend from the waistline to the bottom hem.

Collar gap:

There are a few basic terms you should be familiar with when ordering a tailored suit. First of all, the fit is key. The right fit is what separates a suit from a ross suit. The wrong fit can make even the richest man look like a slob. A well-to-do man understands this and prioritizes good tailoring.

Waist suppression:

When ordering a tailored suit, there are a few basic terms that you need to be aware of. First, you should know what a “roll” is. A roll is a gap between the collar and the shirt and can be reduced or removed by a good tailor. While you can easily remove a “roll” from a budget suit, a higher-quality suit is more complicated to change. For a drastic reshaping, the tailor may have to remove the sleeves or cut them shorter.

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