4 Reasons Why Home Care Services Are Popular These Days

Home care services in Dubai are a great way to assist in daily activities for those who need them. They are relatively inexpensive and can help with activities of daily living and transfers, and ambulation. In addition, home-based care is a safe option. These professionals will ensure that your loved one remains as comfortable as possible in their own home. Below are four reasons why home care services are popular today. These services can help seniors remain in their homes for as long as possible when used properly.

Home-based care is a relatively low-cost setting of care:

The cost and utilization of home-based care are compared with those of the inpatient setting. The study found that the home health cohort’s costs were lower than the inpatient cohort’s. The cost of delta reached DH 7495 per patient, which may represent an opportunity for Medicare to save a significant amount of money. This study included 21,608 patients per nine-month period, which is equivalent to 576,213 inpatients per year.

It can help with activities of daily living:

If an older person cannot do the things that they used to do for themselves, they may need assistance with activities of daily living (ADLs). This can be dangerous, and if a senior is not willing to accept help, they may end up in a very dangerous situation. Activities of daily living include bathing, dressing, eating, using the toilet, and more. They may also require assistance with housekeeping and meal preparation.

It can help with transfers and ambulation:

Assisted ambulation is vital for patients coming home from the hospital because their bodies tend to slow down as they adjust to being on their own. Home nursing services can provide this assistance using specialized devices and proper training. These professionals also teach patients safe transfer techniques. These services can speed the healing process by improving blood flow and helping the patient achieve mobility. However, home care services cannot replace hospital services.

It can help with safety:

The National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health has published a Hazard Review on the hazards of in-home healthcare, and several questions were raised in the report. As part of an active safety program, home care organizations should hire a safety manager and have a safety committee. The organization should conduct a safety review at least annually, and workers should be involved in selecting safety-friendly needle devices. Additionally, home care workers should wear a restraint during home visits.

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